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Stock Valuation

Misson: To enable you to manage your investment in food stocks effectively.

Do you know how much money you have tied up in stock? Our system of stock valuation provides up to the minute data to enable customer to keep control of their investment.


- Investment in stock monitored regularly

  • Management is provided with data instantly
  • Can be based on costing method(s) most useful to customer (e.g. FIFO, Average cost, Replacement cost)

- Stock build up and/or reduction highlighted quickly

  • If usage patterns changed, stock levels will generally change required a reassessment  of stocking policy and buying pattern. This is easily spotted using stock valuation system.


  • Generally offered as part of stock control system
  • William Yule staff collate stock volume data
  • Volumes entered via spreadsheet with cost of data accessed from the William Yule main system
  • Management data communicated to customer management by telephone, fax or email