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Budgetary Control

Mission: To help you to stay within limits.

Every caterer faces pressures. We recognise this and work with customers to set up realistic budgets and then monitor per capita spend so that overspending is highlighted before its too late to do anything about it.


- Per capita food usage data are available to management regularly and compared to pre-agreed budgetary targets

  • Over or underspends immediately highlighted allowing remedial action to be taken
  • Inefficiency or wastage exposed
  • Trends or patterns can be identified from 13 month history
  • Can be adapted to reflect changing head-count


  • William Yule staff can be involved in setting the budget if required
  • Customer supplies budgetary data at start of financial period to be monitored
  • Usage data monitored by William Yule staff (see Usage Monitoring system) and keyed into a spreadsheet model for comparison with budget
  • Head count data supplied by customers at agreed frequencies
  • Variances against budget highlighted and advised to customer by telephone, fax, email etc.

NB: Can only be used effectively in conjunction with Total Food Purchasing