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Stock Control

Our Mission: To enable you to manage your food stocks safely and effectively.

Our stock control system ensures that caterers stock what is needed and only what is needed. No more running out of essentials beacause you forgot to order them. No more wastage because goods are past their best before date. Reduce your investment in stock and increase efficiency.


- Customer investment in stock is minimised

  • Often customers find they can hold less stock because of “just-in-time” replenishment
  • Unneeded items quickly identified

- Rotation Improved

  • Regular monitoring of dates to ensure stock correctly rotated
  • Slow moving items highlighted early
  • Less wastage as incidence of out of date stock is reduced

- Reduces out of stock risk

- Reduces administrative burden on the customer



- Initial review of stock lines by William Yule staff, who will recommend alternate lines if required

- Agree core stock requirements with customer

- Stock sheets complied of agreed lines

- Stock is counted by William Yule staff at agreed intervals

- Reorder form prepared after stock count for approval by competent customer staff member


Additional Services;

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